Meta Quest 2 V46 recent apps

The next Oculus Quest update is already here even though we just got one

What do you want to know

  • Meta is rolling out the v46 update to the Oculus Quest and Meta Quest 2 headsets starting October 6, 2022.
  • A new recent apps section sits on the universal home bar and displays the last three apps you’ve run on your Quest for quick switching access.
  • The privacy section has been revised and users will need to reselect their settings through an onboarding UI that will appear after receiving v46.
  • Additionally, a limited-time Rings of Power environment for your quest home screen will be available from October 10.

If you were just thinking “wow, this v44 update has a lot of cool new features on my Quest 2”, prepare for a bit of deja vu as v46 is rolling out to a headset near you. The new update includes a new recent apps section, an overhauled privacy UI, and an all-new time-limited home screen environment.

When you start your Oculus Quest 2 for the first time (opens in a new tab) After the update, you’ll probably immediately notice the new receive apps section right on the home bar at the bottom of the screen. This new section gives you quick access to the last three apps or games you may have been running on your Quest 2, helping to alleviate an annoying issue that users have been facing for some time – i.e. it there’s no quick way to get back to what you were just doing.

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