T‑Mobile's VR-y Cool "Game of Phones" Holiday Campaign Creates Popular "Magentaverse"

T‑Mobile’s VR-y Cool “Game of Phones” Holiday Campaign Creates Popular “Magentaverse”

NORTHAMPTON, MA/ACCESSWIRE/January 31, 2023/ If you build it, they will come. Even if the thing you’re building doesn’t exist IRL.

There’s a lot of construction going on right now, in fact, thanks in part to the wireless industry’s rollout of 5G — particularly T-Mobile’s. This technological advancement brings the kind of capability that leads to a new digital frontier known as the “metaverse”.

Defined as a virtual reality space where users can interact with a computer-generated environment, the Metaverse has grown in popularity in recent years with the introduction of Meta’s Oculus Quest headset, which offers a fully immersive experience, and multiple popular metaverses, such as Decentraland, The Sandbox, and Meta’s Horizon Worlds. Popular gaming platform Roblox is widely regarded as the biggest virtual world in the metaverse.

T-Mobile’s management team has an annual tradition of marking the holidays by experimenting with new technologies. Last December, the 17 members took a visible step into this new frontier, appearing in their own “world” as holograms of themselves to offer holiday wishes and a little fun, celebrating a banner year. for T-Mobile – the highest year of growth in the company’s history for postpaid accounts, postpaid customers and broadband customers.

Working in partnership with Evercoast, a volumetric capture company, the Un-carrier designed the “Game of Phones” campaign, giving visitors an interactive experience at T-Mobile’s real headquarters in Bellevue, Washington. When players entered the “Magentaverse”, they were greeted by a hologram version of President and CEO Mike Sievert, who gave instructions on how players can navigate campus. As the game continued, players discovered additional holograms of top executives, earning tokens for each correct answer to trivial questions, and experiencing first-hand the cool spaces around the newly renovated campus where employees log in, collaborate and recharge.

The participation in the campaign was just as breathtaking as the VR gaming experience.

Driven by the company’s executive social managers, the ‘Game of Phones’ campaign saw over 400,000 people complete the game for a chance to win prizes – a stunning 8,700% increase over the company vacation 2021.

Because the wireless service provider is committed to giving back to the community, players were also able to help distribute a $100,000 donation from T-Mobile via the quiz show across three nonprofits: Big Brothers Big Sisters of America, National Urban League and Conservation International.

The company has launched and supported several innovation-related programs, some of which include: T-Mobile Accelerator, 5G Open Innovation Lab, T-Mobile Ventures and T-Challenge – and in other areas of the VR world, such as the 5G-VR human cadaver lab for pre-med and biology students at Fisk University, in partnership with top HBCUs, HTC VIVE and VictoryXR.

T-Mobile is excited to lead the charge in building the future frontiers of virtual reality with its unparalleled 5G network.

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