Resident Evil Showcase: Winters expansion, third-person mode and upcoming PS VR 2 features detailed

Resident Evil Showcase: Winters expansion, third-person mode and upcoming PS VR 2 features detailed

As promised by Capcom a few days ago, we have seen the novelties of Resident Evil Village. Although some of the upcoming updates have already been revealed to us before, several details have been given about the future of this title.

Winter’s Legacy Lives On

A new trailer showed a preview of Winters’ Expansion, the upcoming DLC ​​for Resident Evil Village. In this one, in addition to having more aspects of the first-person mode, we see a bit more about 16-year-old Rose and what keeps her coming back and facing her fears. Set in the future, the trailer shows Rose visiting Ethan’s grave and returning to the source of his misfortune to rid himself of his powers.

Set Director Kento Kinoshita shared more details about this set, its story, and what to expect. The first thing he seeks to explore with this expansion is what kind of person is a 16-year-old Rose? This, with the idea that she returns to the village to get rid of her powers, even if it will lead her to a world of nightmares. The fear in this episode comes directly from nightmares and bad memories are at the heart of the memories we will face.

Balanced Mercenaries

Regarding the Mercenaries mode, Kinoshita said he was looking for characters that would be interesting for people who don’t play the mode. This led to the integration of characters called lords, which allow them to have abilities and attacks that a normal human wouldn’t, and which prove to be more fun. When it comes to enemies, players won’t have to wait so long this time around, aiming to get a good tempo and have fun.

A change of perspective

Playing a first-person horror game can be “incredibly scary” or even give players motion sickness from this perspective, so these factors were considered to create a mode that could be enjoyed to the fullest by fans. players. While Kinoshita says he doesn’t find the third-person experience scary, he does mention that it can be a great way for players to return to the title as a game as well as an experience. With that, it has been announced that a 60-minute demo from this perspective will be available starting today at 4:00 PM PDT.

A virtual point of view

To conclude, Kenjo Akiyama, Chief Technology Officer at Sony, talked about the benefits the game will have when PS VR2 arrives. He mentioned that the RE7 mode has been well received and should enhance that experience in every way, from visual enhancement with 4K and HDR to showing off the “beautiful and bizarre world of Resident Evil Village”, to enjoying audio enhanced with 3D Audio Storm. It will also have more intuitive control thanks to the new PS VR sense controllers, making you feel the feel of weapons.

As previously announced, Resident Evil Village, Winters’ Expansion will arrive on October 28 on PS5, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PC.

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