MediaTek and Invendis team up to bring 5G routers and Wi-Fi solutions made in India

Invendis, a global leader in IoT (Internet of Things) platforms and cloud computing solutions, has partnered with MediaTek, a major semiconductor manufacturer, to bring 5G routers and Wi-Fi solutions made in India. This partnership will also give a boost to the “Vocal for Local” as part of the AatmaNirbhar Bharat campaign.

This collaboration will enable the deployment of a comprehensive portfolio of solutions and significant manufacturing capabilities in India. New “Silbo” product line upgrades Invendis Business & Industrial communication solutions portfolio to include 4G/5G routers with Wi-Fi 4/5/6 standards, supporting multi-WAN, VPN, SD -WAN, NMS, etc., across business verticals. The product line includes MediaTek’s networking and connectivity solutions including MediaTek MT7628K/N/A – Router and Repeater Platform, MediaTek MT7621A/N – Dual Core Network Processor for Wi-Fi Platforms 2×2/3×3/4×4 and MediaTek MT7915 Wi-Fi 6 Wave 1+ chipset built among others.

Satish Kulkarni, CEO of Invendis, said, “We are excited to launch our 5G and Wi-Fi routers which would help consumers and businesses deliver secure, robust and seamless wireless networking solutions. As MediaTek is the world’s leading provider of 5G and Wi-Fi chips, we are happy to partner with them to deliver faster and more reliable solutions to our customers. We are confident that this commitment will drive innovation and rapid deployment of 5G products and services in India while helping consumers unlock the possibilities created by super-fast and reliable connectivity.”

MediaTek is the world’s leading provider of 5G and Wi-Fi chipsets and the leading provider of Wi-Fi technology for mobile, broadband, retail routers, consumer electronics, gaming and IoT. MediaTek home networking platforms include highly integrated Wi-Fi 4/5 connectivity that helps maximize the benefits of sub-6GHz (FR1) and mmWave (FR2) 5G connectivity into devices, before distributing the Internet to users via super-fast Wi-Fi 6. /6E/7 wireless or wired multi-gigabit Ethernet connections.

“MediaTek’s full line of networking and connectivity solutions are equipped to meet the dynamic needs of customers, whether in home, commercial or enterprise applications. Digitization has entered a new phase of growth with 5G, and Design in India will be the catalyst that will boost and strengthen India’s smart device ecosystem. Our diverse portfolio of 5G solutions reiterates our focus on R&D in collaboration with our OEMs,” said Anku Jain, Managing Director of MediaTek India.

Invendis’ expertise in industrial communication and Edge Computing solutions for 15 years guarantees an excellent head start in offering 5G solutions. Invendis routers and gateways are designed to be deployed out of the box with no additional programming and have the intelligence to stay connected.

Invendis Wireless solutions provide a secure, manageable and high performance cellular network for various applications. This ensured smooth application deployments for customers with secure connectivity and remote management.

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