Hero Zone VR Secures Venues After IAAPA Expo

Hero Zone VR Secures Venues After IAAPA Expo

Hero Zone, creators of immersive VR experiencesannounced that its inaugural presence at the IAAPA Expo in Orlando, Florida has since culminated in the launch of the company’s new Hero Zone Arena in America and other entertainment venues adopting the Hero virtual reality platform Area worldwide.

Twenty new US sites invested in Hero Zone after three eventful days of product demonstrations at IAAPA Expo. These locations will launch the company’s platform in early 2023. The 85 US entertainment centers that have been using Hero Zone VR software and games since 2020 have gained these additional partners.

Hero Zone worldwide

After a successful start at IAAPA Europe ShowHero Zone Arena, the turnkey VR solution that enables operators to offer their guests free-roaming VR in a small footprint for a low investment while delivering high throughput, fast ROI and low risk, was first shown to US buyers at Expo IAAPA in November.

Six venues in total, including The Pit Indoor Karting Arena in Mooresville, NC, the bowling-focused FEC Kingpin (Kanbarra) run by TEEG in Australia, Knightly’s Fun Park in Wales, UK, Bray Bowl in Ireland and two units in Kuwait, have also partnered with Hero Zone Arena.

“We were blown away by the reception of the new Hero Zone Arena at our first IAAPA in the United States,” said Sebastien MalavasiCEO of Hero Zone.

“We were certainly one of the busiest VR exhibitors at the show and we heard from so many operators who love our solutions and want to either deploy hero area as their first foray into virtual reality or as a replacement for their expensive and labor-intensive virtual reality arenas.

Complete Gaming Packages

Hero Zone Arena offers immersive, all-inclusive, and simple family entertainment for amusement parks, arcades, and FECs. Each arena is equipped with a 55-inch spectator TV, printed vinyl playing floor, high-grade lightweight aluminum enclosure for up to 6 players, built-in lighting and a innovative speaker system. High-end VR equipment consists of HTC Vive Focus 3 wearable VR headsets, batteries for continuous use, and a powerful VR gaming PC.

Hero Zone Arena includes a 6-month software license that provides access to the company’s growing library of hit VR games. After this initial period, transparent and operator-friendly licensing alternatives include monthly, annual, and per-play options.

Hero Zone now provides a software-only setup that comes with its award-winning game library and the Hero Zone launcher in addition to the turnkey Hero Zone arena. Since IAAPA Expo, 18 additional US locations have invested in this Hero Zone service, joining more than 170 locations that offer the Hero Zone experience to visitors from 18 different countries.

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