A Meta Quest 2 headset in the leaves

First Oculus Quest 3 leak reveals huge redesign closer to Quest Pro

What do you want to know

  • YouTuber and VR leaker Bradley Lynch has shared CAD mockup images for the Quest 3 headset, along with updated information on what features to expect.
  • The Quest 3 reportedly doesn’t feature any type of eye or face tracking, unlike the upcoming Quest Pro.
  • The overall helmet design is based on the Quest Pro, with thinner lenses that allow for a more balanced weight distribution.
  • Meta is also said to have invested in Project Razor, a plan to create high-end VR gaming experiences using cloud technology.

A new leak gives us a look at some of the features we can expect the Meta Quest 3 headset to use, with some improvements that appear to build on what’s coming with the upcoming Quest Pro.

YouTuber Bradley Lynch (SadleyItsBradley) shared (opens in a new tab) some updated information on what Meta is currently planning for the Quest 3 VR headset. Most surprisingly of all, Lynch says the Quest 3 won’t feature any sort of eye tracking or face tracking, which is notably included with the Quest Pro.

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