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Best HBO Original Movies of 2022, Ranked

HBO joined Netflix and Hulu when it created its own streaming service: HBO Max. While the streaming service is still relatively young, HBO itself largely predates its streaming rivals, and Warner Bros. has a ton of movies that are exclusively on the streaming platform.

Combine that with plenty of masterpieces from The Criterion Collection, recently released movies, every DC title, and a slew of TV shows, and HBO Max is a must-watch for many. The catalog of original titles released in 2022 provides further proof of this. Between documentaries and feature films, HBO released something for everyone last year.


15 Call me Miss Cleo


Call me Miss Cleo is the story of 90s television psychic Youree Dell Harris, better known as Miss Cleo. This documentary sheds light on Miss Cleo and explores whether she was truly gifted with otherworldly powers or gifted with enough charisma and audacity to deceive.

His pseudo-Jamaican accent and eccentric energy captivated believers and non-believers alike on the Psychic Readers Network. Through interviews with those who knew her before, during and after becoming Miss Cleo, this documentary explores the real truth about Youree Dell Harris.

14 Santa’s camp

Santa's camp

Santa’s camp is a documentary about an annual summer camp for professional Santas, elves and Mrs. Clauses, which until this documentary, had very little diversity. Some of the newly invited Santas include a black Santa, a transgender Santa, and a disabled Santa. They each have a unique journey and struggle to express themselves in the pursuit of diversifying this beloved character.

This documentary also explores how Mrs. Clause is often ignored in the Christmas industry and the pay gap between Mr. Clause and Mrs. Clause, if included. Santa’s camp is a must-see documentary because not only does it bring viewers into the surreal Santa Claus subculture, but it also uses this bizarre yet vibrant backdrop to comment on larger American issues.

13 Moon shot

Moon shot

Moon shot is a sci-fi romantic comedy starring Cole Sprouse (Walt) and Lana Condor (Sophie). Walt is a barista with dreams of going to Mars and although his dream is a much closer reality than anyone today, he continues to be rejected by Kovi Industries’ Mars Student Program, a program that takes students to Mars, because they don’t think it can help humanity on


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March. Sophie is a meaningless college student who is heartbroken after her boyfriend extends his stay on Mars. Ideally, Walt falls in love with a girl just before he leaves for Mars and convinces Sophie to buy a ticket and get him on board. This movie is a whirlwind and not one to miss.

12 We met in virtual reality

We met in virtual reality

We met in virtual reality is a documentary filmed entirely in virtual reality that allows audiences to penetrate the inner workings of the VR movement, even revealing the intimacy and connection that can flourish in this lonely technological age. This documentary presents observation scenes that show how necessary this new form of communication has become, especially since the confinement linked to COVID-19. Despite the online nature of this documentary, it offers insight into a different human experience that will shape future generations.

11 Princess

The HBO Documentary Princess

Princess is a documentary that takes a closer look at the tragically cut short life of Princess Diana. Almost two decades later, the life and mysterious circumstances of the beloved Princess of Wales’ death, she (and her son) are still making headlines. Her glamour, kindness and activism have made her an international icon. Princess follows his life chronologically using contemporary archival audio and video footage. It’s the perfect documentary for fans of Princess Diana and for those who don’t know much about her.

ten George Carlin’s American Dream

George Carlin's American Dream

George Carlin’s American Dream tells the story of legendary comedian George Carlin. This documentary tells the story of his 50-year career and how he evolved like no other comic could, remaining relevant until his death in 2008 and even now. In addition to this documentary to commemorate his legacy, he also appeared in 14 HBO comedy specials and appeared on The show tonight more than 130 times throughout his career, which immortalizes his work for generations to come.

9 Love, Lizzo

Love Lizzo HBO Max Documentary Films

Love, Lizzo is a documentary that lasted three years. It follows the beloved and talented star through the pandemic on her Cuz I Love You world tour and throughout the making of her Special album. This documentary gave Lizzo a deep dive into body positivity, self-love, and the recognition she gives to the contributions of black women. It functions as both a concert film and a documentary behind the music, giving viewers an intimate look into Lizzo’s life on tour and her inspiring life story.

8 Katrina Babies

Katrina Babies

Filmed over seven years, Edward Buckles, Jr. created Katrina Babies, a documentary that reveals the impact of Hurricane Katrina on the children of New Orleans from the perspective of someone who was a child himself. This documentary uses a variety of styles ranging from home videos to interviews with survivors.

Buckles uses his camera to help his town heal through storytelling and community. Katrina Babies is an intimate and informative documentary about children who have been neglected by the government in times of crisis and how this disaster shaped their teenage and adult years.

7 Endangered

Disappearing Movie 2022

Endangered can be described as a rabid, yet thought-provoking documentary about four journalists working in Mexico, Brazil and the United States. This documentary investigates the threats faced by journalists Patrícia, Carl, Sáshenka and Oliver, ranging from intimidation to actual violence. Even though they all work in democratic countries, online disinformation and world leaders who distrust the media create a reality in which the truth must be fought.

6 Say hello Willie Mays!

HBO Movies

Say hello Willie Mays! captures Willie Mays’ journey from Negro League to Major League baseball as one of baseball’s first black superstars to erode racial barriers. This documentary follows him on and off the field as he achieves his American dream. He was destined for the spotlight with a huge personality and a dazzling smile; he charmed fans coast to coast by championing baseball games and paving the way for future black sports superstars. This documentary about his life and story is a must for everyone.

5 How to survive a pandemic

How to survive a pandemic

How to survive a pandemic maybe a documentary that people aren’t ready to watch yet, considering they’ve experienced this documentary, but it’s still worth watching. This documentary details the volume of research and work involved in the research, development, regulation and deployment of COVID-19 vaccines.

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This documentary began filming in 2020, chronicling the largest public health effort in history surviving a pandemic in addition to government failures along the way. How to survive a pandemic strong pointsthe work of researchers, scientists, pharmaceutical companies, government agencies and frontline essential workers. Even though most people know all about the COVID-19 pandemic, this film offers a behind-the-scenes perspective that many haven’t experienced.

4 Kimi


Kimi is a thriller about an agoraphobic tech genius named Angela who works to improve glitches in a product called KIMI, a futuristic in-person variation on today’s Alexa or Echo. Post-pandemic, most people don’t leave their homes, which suits Angela well, and she finds romance with a man across the street, Terry. He is the only human she actually sees in person.

One day, while working, she overhears what she believes to be a violent crime and with her access to technology, she confirms her superstitions. She’s rebuffed as she tries to report the crime, and she finds she has to go against her business to do what’s right, and even worse: she has to leave her apartment. It’s a Steven Soderbergh movie, so it’s obviously classy, ​​and it’s a taut conspiracy thriller.

3 The Janes

Abortion rights signs are waved in The Janes
HBO Documentary Films

The Janes is a documentary about a secret network of women who have created a system to provide women with illegal but safe and accessible abortions. In order to remain anonymous and to escape the law, they call themselves “Jane”. This documentary follows the story of seven women who were arrested on Chicago’s South Side in 1972 for this operation.

The story is powerful, but more than that, this documentary features first-hand accounts of the Janes, even some who have never spoken until now. This documentary about the pre-Roe era v. Wade and what women have done to protect each other is especially important to watch as the government attempts to overturn this vital protection.

Alexei Navalny in a documentary about the 2022 film
Warner Bros.

Navalny is the story of Alexei Navalny, a Russian opposition politician, and his life after being poisoned with Novichok. The documentary follows his triumphant recovery and his not-so-triumphant arrest upon his return to Russia. Like many opposition figures and famous protesters in Russia, he is seen as a symbol of resistance, but given that he remains incarcerated today, his story could end in tragedy. The timely release of this documentary coincides with the brutal attacks on Ukraine and brings to light some ugly truths about Putin’s regime.

1 The consequences

The Fallout HBO starring Jenna Ortega
Warner Bros.

The drama of coming of age The consequences revolves around school shootings. A young teenage girl, Vada, is in the bathroom when an active shooter situation occurs at her school. She and another student, Mia, cower in fear during the tragedy to come out alive, unlike some of their classmates, but not insensitive.

The rest of the film follows what the aftermath of a school shooting feels like from Vada’s perspective as she grows further away from her old friends and grows closer and closer to Mia. The audience sees how deeply and differently these tragedies change the lives of young people, sometimes making them unrecognizable from the life before. This film is incredibly difficult to watch but gives a unique perspective on what students fear about going to school every day.

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